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My PCT 2022 blog is live!

On August 16th, 2022, 135 days after leaving Campo, CA on April 4th, I reached the Canadian border and thus completed my thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail.

I shared thoughts and photos daily on Instagram during my adventure. In hindsight, I’m thrilled that I had the discipline to carve out 20 minutes every night to sort through my pictures and capture a few notes, despite the irresistible pull of my quilt. As 4.5 months’ worth of landscapes and footsteps start to blur together, reading through my Instagram musings brings back vivid memories.

Yes, I am wearing the same clothes 4.5 months later. The pants are just a tad darker, and the sweater is in my pack :)

To celebrate my one-year trailversary, I will follow-through on my promise to turn much of this content into a proper blog. I will be publishing daily entries through mid-August, with the aim to commemorate the adventure roughly exactly a year later. I will be backdating the posts so they accurately reflect my own hike and the conditions in 2022—the trail in 2023 feels like a completely different universe, due to the historic snowstorms that have pummeled California.

In addition to the photos that I have shared on Instagram, I will also include large-size panoramas, as well as the occasional VR or 360 degree immersive picture. Being a geek, I have captured a GPS track of my entire footpath, as well as a trove of data about the environment and my performance. Every blog post will include 3D renderings and videos of my path, as well as a few fun stats.

In addition to being a fun and therapeutic way to relive the journey, it is my hope that this blog can be somewhat helpful to future hikers. You can check out my original lighterpack (gear list)—while I made a few adjustments along the way, I didn’t make any drastic changes. Most of my gear has even returned in a decent shape, and a few issues were easily addressed: ZPacks replaced a broken zipper on my tent for free, and Osprey sent me a brand new backpack at no cost. I wholeheartedly recommend purchasing from them.

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