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Day 13 – April 16, 2022

Zero in Idyllwild, CA

0.0 trail miles | 0.0 tracked miles

Today was my first zero, in lovely Idyllwild, CA.

Zeros are an opportunity to rest, but also to take care of “town chores”, namely laundry, gear repairs if needed, planning, and resupply.

Resupplying turned out to be both simple and challenging. Unlike typical sprawling car-centric American towns, Idyllwild is a pedestrian’s paradise. The major stores and services are all located within a 5-block radius. Within an hour, I felt that I had a good sense of the layout of the town.

The challenge stemmed from the fact that, perhaps due to COVID, supply chain issues, and the sudden influx of hikers, some shelves were unexpectedly bare. I could not find packets of instant coffee and ended up buying a much bigger jar than necessary (which I poured into a ziploc bag.) Tortillas, nuts, and dried foods were also in short supply. In any case, I was ultimately able to procure what I needed with a touch of creativity. Later on, I found out that there was another grocery store that was somewhat better stocked. Oh well.

In the afternoon, a few of us got together at a local brewery. On the way back home, we found lasagna and tomato sauce in the hiker box, and decided that these unexpected finds would serve as the foundation of our dinner.

Dinner was a fancy affair: I wore my wind pants instead of just underwear—a true fashion statement.

Dinner out of a hiker box in Idyllwild, CA.

We will return to the trail tomorrow morning!

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