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Day 27 – April 30, 2022

Mile 406.6 (Sulphur Springs Trail Camp) to 430.4 (Messenger Flat Camp)

23.8 trail miles | 22.8 tracked miles | 3,754 ft elevation gain | 80.6 F / 27 °C

Today’s westward trek was pleasant though uneventful. Despite leaving at the late hour of 7:30am, we were able to hike 24 miles easily.

While we are still technically in the Angeles National Forest, the underwent a dramatic transformation. The lush greenery of the forest gave way to the stark, arid terrain of the true desert.

The day was hot and dry, with a high of 81 F. The trail was exposed, and once again, I’m grateful I’ve dodged heat waves so far.

Desert views in the Angeles National Forest

We encountered multiple instances of trail magic (weekends are a popular time for trail magic!) and I grabbed a few extra snacks for the road, which, to be honest, I really did not need, especially since a resupply box is waiting for me tomorrow in Acton, CA.

I’m still struggling with food carries—I always end up having a couple of days’ worth of extra food, due to a combination of faster-than-anticipated progress, unexpected instances of trail magic, and my inability to exercise discipline at the grocery store.

We setup camp at Messenger Flat Campground, a gorgeous campsite managed by the Forest Service. As I’ve come to expect from the Angeles National Forest, there are trash bins and bathrooms (though, no water.) We’ve been really spoiled in terms of campsite amenities in the last couple weeks, though I expect that we’ll soon return to “true” backcountry camping!

Tomorrow I’m excited to finally walk north again! It’s an auspicious prospect, because to the best of my knowledge, Canada is up and not left.

The Big Picture


3D path
3D video

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