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Day 51 – May 24, 2022

Zero in Bishop, CA

0.0 trail miles | 0.0 tracked miles

While I never planned on taking a triple zero in Bishop, CA, this unexpected break was a chance for my body to rest and heal. My feet have recovered incredibly fast, although my fingers still have minor cuts and bruises.

Tonight, I’m staying at Eastside Guesthouse, a genuinely lovely hostel that’s much cleaner and more civilized than Hostel California, despite being in the same price range overall (at least as far as single rooms are concerned.)

While the FarOut app is a must-have on trail, it tends to arbitrarily highlight specific lodging options at the expense of others. I can’t think of a reason to stay at Hostel California when Eastside Guesthouse offers such a better experience, although I understand that the booking policy for dorms at Hostel California is more flexible.

I met a few folks at Eastside Guesthouse, including a group of French hikers who are hiking together. However, I still haven’t heard from Arnaud and Evan, and I have no idea how far behind they are. With this in mind, I will leave tomorrow on my own.

I will be hiking independently, but I will not be alone. I know quite a few people in my “bubble” and am likely to see familiar faces everyday. In fact, I ran into two hikers I know at the grocery store tonight, and we agreed to take the early bus to Independence together tomorrow morning, and then share the cost of a car to the Onion Valley Trailhead.

My goal is to reach Vermilion Valley Resort (VVR), which is located north of Selden Pass, in 6.5 days. The resort is still closed at this time, but it’s scheduled to open on Memorial Day weekend.

For my last dinner in Bishop, I prioritized greens once again!

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